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chillin_forum's Journal

A place to feel free!
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About the Community:
Think of us in that favorite corner of the coffee shop with all your buddies. We are there! And want you to join in! Grab a seat and a cup of coffee or tea and come sit and discuss with us what is on your mind.
Show us some pictures and talk about them! Share adventures. Share what made you smile today. Talk about anything and everything. Come on… you know you have something to share, something exciting to brag about!

Join us and have fun meeting chill people just like you!!

♥ This is an 18+ community. Please have your date of birth displayed on your info page.
♥ This is also a rating community. However, not on your looks, but on how well you can answer the questions. We are pretty chill, so just be honest. Answer with creativeness.
♥ We do not want any trolls, so please remember to be considerate of someone else’s beliefs and opinions on anything posts/comments. If you are found to be insulting or ridiculing, you will be banned.
♥ No pictures of drugs or nudity.
♥ You cannot use a user’s info page to insult or bash. If you want to know something about them, simply ask.
♥ We ask that you be patient, once you have requested to join, give us at least 3 days. Once you recieve the request approval, you have till the following weekend to post your application.
♥ Do not delete your application. Do not delete your comments or posts. You can edit only.
♥ If your application is denied, you may try again in a week.
♥ Please keep all pictures, quizes, lengthly posts under a cut
♥ All posts MUST BE placed as a FRIENDS ONLY.

<*lj-cut text="your text here"*> Your post here <*/lj-cut>

Applicant Rules:
♥ In section: A) Answer all the questions with creativity!!! NO ONE WORD ANSWERS! We wanna be humored here.
♥ In section: B) We want to see that beautiful face, so make sure it’s clear! Please make the pictures at least 400x600 pixels or link us. KEY = one picture needs to make us laugh. ;)
♥ Label your Application as, "I'm chill".
♥ Please make sure to make your application FRIENDS ONLY.

Here is the tag for pictures: (take out the *’s) <*img src=”insert HTTP link here”*>
or linkage: <*a href="lj://user/exampleusername/"*>ExampleUserName<*/a>

Application Cheat Sheet:

Member Rules:
♥ You can start voting once you have been stamped.
♥ Give a “yes” or “no” vote.
♥ Give at least a couple reasons why or why not for your vote.
♥ If you are not sure... have the applicant "sway you", instead of "yes" or "no".
♥ Do not just focus on the negative, give some positive feed back.

Moderator/Maintainer: mar_y